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Consultancy Services


Clark Handling provides its clients with consulting support in two key areas:

  • Product Specification & Selection
  • Project Management

Product Specification & Selection

More than just another catalogue company, we take the time to understand your needs before talking you through the products available.

Backed by over 30 years experience working in the storage and handling industry, along with many more years of experience shared by our suppliers, we can provide the best advice on what equipment will provide the most effective solution for your needs.

Indeed we have helped many of our clients to identify better solutions when their existing plant / equipment is not up to the mark, either in terms of getting the job done (productivity) or providing a secure and safe environment for you staff to work in (health & safety) .

And that need not be limited to your plant and equipment, we can also give advice on plant layout and the integration of different equipment / processes.

You know what you want to achieve, we know ways that will help you achieve it:

  • Improved production flow
  • Better management of stock
  • Improved safety / protection of plant / personnel

Project Management

We also help our clients to make the most of their facilities, whether that’s through expansion or redevelopment, we can help with the design, procurement and installation of a variety of projects.

From concept through to completion, we can support your project every step of the way, working with or indeed managing other contractors involved in the project.

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