Fixed Dock Shelter

The Fixed Dock Shelter forms an efficient and effective seal between the dock opening and the vehicle, providing sheltered loading and unloading. The vehicle pushes the curtain back when it reverses creating the seal, providing excellent protection from wind and rain.

The flexible side and head curtains can be manufactured from either PVC or Neoprene with flexible stays sewn in for rigidity, all of which are mounted on a timber frame. Additional Neoprene pleats at wear points are available on request.

The dock shelter requires a flat fixing area with no projections.

Includes a fixing kit with steel shelter brackets

Collapsible Dock Shelter

The collapsible nature of this product means the frame design will collapse back against the building if hit by a poorly aligned vehicle, rather than falling like a traditional fixed frame design.

Manufactured from Polyester Trevira fabric with PVC UV resistant coating on both sides ensuring very high tear resistance. Up to 900mm projection possible (standard projection 600mm).

Inflatable Dock Seal

Inflatable Dock Seals remain deflated until the vehicle is in the correct position, thus minimising vehicle and seal damage and making it a very hard-wearing product.

Standard Inflatable Dock Seals fit the majority of loading bays and provide a highly effective seal to different vehicle heights, widths and shapes. Non standard units are available on request.

The Inflatable Seal is manufactured from Neoprene Polyamide fabric coated with Chloroprene rubber, providing a smooth, hard wearing material on all models.

The Seal will inflate and deflate in just 30 seconds, and has a power consumption of just 60w once fully inflated.

Modular Loading Pods

Our Modular Loading Pods can be an economical alternative to traditional dock leveller pit systems. They are installed on the outside of existing (or new) buildings so do not require expensive and intrusive concrete openings or pits created in the building for dock levellers.

Modular Loading Pods can be easily relocated to another part of the building or can even be relocated to an alternative site.

Modular loading pods can incorporate a steel platform with the required size of dock leveller/scissor lift and dock bumpers to suit your operational needs. We offer a selection of insulated and non-insulated roof and wall panels to match your existing external wall cladding.

By integrating a dock leveller or scissor lift into the Modular Loading Pod most dock heights can be adapted to provide a seamless interface between the vehicle height and the internal warehouse floor.   

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