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Racking Inspections


As pallet racking is classified as “Work Equipment” they require regular documented inspections, indeed, we recommend rack inspections at intervals of no more than 12 months.

However, it’s not just about complying with regulations, regular rack safety inspections can help reduce your insurance premiums and your maintenance costs, as well as supporting any audits that may be required by the HSE or your insurance company should there be an accident or a rack collapse.

Clark Handling carries out racking inspections for many of its clients, the purpose of these inspections being to check for:

  • Damage to the equipment, for example, dents to beams or frames.
  • Installation errors such as missing beam clips or insecure bracing or footplates.

It is also important to check that beam clips have not been replaced by permanent fixings as their purpose is to “give” should the strain on that particular beam be too much. Permanent fixings would transfer that strain onto the frames and could bring down the entire rack.

A common example of this type of “accident” is when a forklift operator ends up lifting the beam and not just the pallet. With permanent fixings this could cause damage to the uprights and potentially cause the rack to collapse. Beam clips on the other hand are designed to shear in those circumstances and hence save any stress on the uprights.

As part of the inspection we will often review the maximum capacities of the racking and produce load charts where they are not already available.

We can also carry out a review of any safety equipment you have or should have, such as:

  • Column Guards
  • Guide Rails
  • Barriers
  • Anti Collapse Meshing
  • Load Charts

Protecting your personnel and your products.

On completion of the inspections we can, if required, complete any repair work, highlighted in the report as well as supplying and installing any additional safety equipment that your racking might require.

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