Since 1997 Clark Handling have been carrying out independent pallet racking inspections

Since 1997 Clark Handling has been carrying out independent Racking Inspections and Racking Surveys on all types of warehouse pallet racking and following on to complete repair work where required.

Pallet racking is classified as “Work Equipment” and therefore requires regular documented inspections and maintenance. Regular rack safety inspections can help reduce both insurance premiums and your maintenance costs.

A Racking Audit may be required by your Health & Safety Officer, insurance company following a warehouse accident or racking collapse.

Rack inspections are undertaken yearly to identify any possible safety concerns.

Clark Handling also supplies and fits many types of complimentary racking safety equipment such as upright protectors, anti-collapse steel mesh guarding, and barriers. 

This is why you NEED a rack inspection:

• If your racking has been damaged or where there is a possibility of your racking being damaged.

• To make sure your racking meets the requirements of current health and safety regulations and the current Codes and Guidelines set by SEMA.

 • To help you identify unsafe conditions that could result in a rack collapse.

• To make you aware of the load capacity of your racking is (required under legislation).

 Our Rack Safety Inspection will include the following:

• A detailed report of the condition of your racking and shelving in accordance with the SEMA and current Codes and Manufacturers Guidelines.

• Layout plan drawings of your racking installation

• Circular 'damage location markers' highlight the locations of any damage, and are 'letter coded' with easy to follow key

• Each damage location marker is coloured 'RED, AMBER, GREEN' (Trafic light system) to indicate the severity of damage

• A Racking Diagram with colour-coded key - which indicates each part that makes up a racking bay. So YOU can fully understand our inspection information.

• A Damage Loacation Sheet is also completed listing the damage, location, beam level, description and severity - using the easy to follow traffic light system

• A comprehensive report that clearly identifies every damaged component discovered during Inspection and cost to repair is also included!

Unlike many of our competitors, whose reports are so convoluted and complicated (so that you the customer are unable to carry out or engage the services of a third party to complete repairs) A Clark racking Inspection is totally transparent and easy to follow - We believe you the customer should have a choice.

We would be happy to carry out all repairs outlined in one of our reports, but if you prefer to employ the services of someone else, or to carry out repairs yourself, we give you all the information to do so.




Price to carry out an inspection will be from £450.00 + vat.

Please note:

If Clark Handling are contracted to undertake any repair work that is advised in the inspection we will deduct 50% of the inspection fee from the final bill.


Pallet Racking Inspections in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, North East, Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, Cumbria, Carlisle, Teesside England, UK. 

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