Used Second Hand Pallet Racking uk

Used Second Hand Pallet Racking UK

Second Hand Pallet Racking – Why Buy From Clark Handling Ltd?

Clark Handling have been supplying racking in the UK for over 30 years - Not sure what brand of racking system you have - please upload an image below and we will happily identify it for you.


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Second Hand Used Apex Pallet Racking, AR, Dexion, HiLo (Premier Rack and Rack Plan), Link 51, Mecalux, Polypal, PSS, Redirack, Sperrin, Storax (Dexion Compatible), Stow

There are a number of questions you should ask yourself before buying new or used shelving or racking.

How much space do I have?

Make sure you have measured the height, width and depth available. If you are storing pallets, check that the pallet racking you have selected fits the pallet size you are using. Most pallet racking is 1100 mm deep and designed for standard 1000 x 1200 mm EUR pallets.

How much weight do the shelf levels have to hold?

One of the most important factors to consider is how much weight each shelf level will need to hold. Both shelves and beams are designed for Uniformly Distributed Loads (UDL); this means that the shelf can support the specified weight capacity only if the load is evenly spread across the length of the shelf level. A single item of the full weight capacity placed in the centre of the shelf may cause the shelf to collapse. We recommend that you choose a slightly higher capacity than you need to ensure that the weight is fully supported.

Do I need beams or shelves?

Pallet racking is supplied with beams but no shelf support in between and is suitable only for storing pallets, which act as the shelves to bridge the gap between the beams. If you need to store boxes or other non-palletised goods then you will need shelving with a full shelf level; for intensive warehouse use we recommend heavy duty shelving with a suitably high load capacity.

Do I need access from one side or both?

Take into account whether or not the shelving needs to be positioned against a wall and whether cross-bracing is required to keep the unit stable (which will prevent access from one side). Pallet racking and heavier duty shelving can generally (but not always) be accessed from either side.

What am I storing? 

Depending on what it is you need to store, standard stores shelving or pallet racking may not be the right choice for you. Consider whether a different solution might work better such as cantilever racking, vertical storage systems or small parts shelving.

Where is my shelving going to be placed?

You should consider what kind of environment your shelving is going to be used in as it may affect the type of finish you should choose. If your shelving system is for a dry indoor environment then a simple powder-coated (or lacquered) finish is suitable. A galvanised finish is rust proof and suitable for damp areas while stainless steel can be washed down and is ideal for use in sterile environments and food storage and preparation areas. Chrome will give a smart but relatively inexpensive finish on lighter-duty shelving (compared to stainless steel for example) and is ideal for display purposes.

Will I need more shelving in future?

Most shelving systems are designed so that they can be easily extended in future. As long as the shelving you buy is sold as basic and add-on units then you will be able to add to it whenever you need to!

More questions?

Click here to see our Guide to the different types of shelving and racking and our Guide to building your racking.

If you have any more questions or need any help with space planning, our Field Sales team is here to help. We can advise you on the most suitable racking or shelving, put together a floor plan and even arrange a site visit if required.


Bay: each individual shelving unit, from end frame to end frame.

Beam: horizontal support to fit between two end frames (or two sets of uprights); two beams are required on each level (one at the front of the unit, one at the back). Racking constructed with beams only is designed for use with pallets as no shelf inserts are supplied.

Cross bracing: two diagonal supports in an X formation; designed to reinforce shelving and maximise load capacity and stability.

End frame: consists of two uprights with cross bracing between them to provide added support and stability; two end frames required per bay.

Run: a series of bays joined together to create one long shelving or racking system.

Shelf: one-piece shelf, usually made from metal.

Shelf level: supplied as crossbeams with a shelf insert (made from chipboard, plastic, etc.) that rests on the beams.

UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load): the capacity of the shelf level when the load is evenly spread across the length of the shelf. The specified weight capacity is only applicable when the weight is evenly distributed.

Upright: vertical support for the shelving unit; four uprights required per bay.

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