Office Mezzanine Installer

Clark Handling Office Mezzanines, Installer, Supplier, Inspections throughout the North East and UK. Many commercial premises offer excessive, unused headroom which is unproductive and expensive to heat or cool.

In the current climate, many companies find that their office space is secondary to the demands of a busy warehouse or retail unit. With everyday workings of the company, the space available for administration and management can be restricted. In some cases, companies may choose to relocate the office work to another location; not always ideal for a cohesive workplace and very expensive!. 

A mezzanine floor can be an ideal way of achieving an on-site office without compromising on the space required for your business or the need to rent additional office space.

A Clark Handling mezzanine floor can transform this wasted space into productive office or storage space with minimal disruption and can allow a business to expand considerably within its existing premises.

Intelligent design solutions and high standards of finish make Clark Handling mezzanine floors suitable for any use from a simple storage area to a prestigious office environment.


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