Glide-Out and Glide Out HD

Glide-Out Racking is easily handled by one person and is equipped with an automatic locking system for operational safety. It’s modular design means that it can be added to or adjusted as required, and consists of a starter bay and extension bays.

Conventional racking systems tend only to use the front of the shelf, because of the difficulty in accessing equipment stored further back. This opens the door to accidents whilst transferring loads from the rack. The Glide Out system eliminates this and also reduces handling problems by giving access to the shelf via cranes and monorails. Glide Out racking increases safety, reduces handling times and can cut your storage units footprint by half.

Three shelf configurations are available: Standard Single Entry which can be extended up to 63% in one direction, Double Entry shelves which can be extended up to 63% in two directions, and Superglide 2, a two stage extending system which gives 100% access to the shelf area. This racking is ideal for the safe and secure storage and handling of expensive and hard to store dies, mould tools, jigs and fixtures.

Glide-Out HD line provides the same security or storage with added capacity. It gives you the ability to store 10,000kgs per shelf, managed by a portable pneumatic cylinder system, or to include fixed shelves with a capacity of up to 20,000 kgs.


The Sheetmaster offers exceptionally safety storage and handling of sheet materials. This system gives more than 50% savings in Floorspace and a reduction in product handling times of up to 80%. Two types of shelves are available with 63% or 100% extension. Standard shelf sizes range from 2m x 1m up to 4m x 2m based on desired sheet size. The shelves can be modified to carry between 500kg and 3000kg to manage any load. The shelves are extended via a mechanical crank system or manually, depending on their weight capacity.



The Extractor has been developed to safely store those long, hard to handle products, such as extrusion and calibration equipment or raw materials, such as steel bars and sections, jigs and fixtures. Available cradle sizes range from 2 to 6 metres deep, and from 400mm to 1 metre wide, and are available as standard/double entry configuration.

The Extractor is modular and can be adjusted/added to as required. Loading and unloading the mobile cradles is done via an overhead crane or a forklift, using slings.

Canti-triever Range

This racking has been designed to handle long steel bar sections and components. This is a modular system, and may be adjusted or extended as required.

It is available in both single and double-sided configurations. It safely handles and stores items up to 30m long, and gives 100% access to all storage levels by means of overhead cranes. The capacities of the arms and the length or the storage can be custom designed to suit any application. The Cant-triever significantly reduces loading and unloading times, and cuts aisle requirements by half.

Press and Mould Tool Storage Racks

These are designed for the storage of press tools, mould tools, dies etc. It is used in conjunction with a die cart c/w scissor-lift to horizontally load-to unload tools from machine to rack and rack to machine. This system is modular and may be adjusted or extended to meet changing requirements.

Each bay is constructed using a structural steel framework with connecting beam for support. Each level has a rolled bed that is designed for the stored item and can accommodate loads up to 15,000kg for a massive 45,000kg bay unit. Because of such large loads, each rack has designed spring loaded front stops that automatically engage and disengage when tools are being loaded and unloaded via die cart.

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