Scissor Lifts & Goods Lifts

General Scissor Lifts supplied Nationwide

Available in single scissor lift table and multi scissor lift table configurations to provide the load capacity, lifting height and platform size to suit your specific application. Loads from just a few kilograms - many thousands of Kgs can be safely lifted to heights of up to 6000mm.

Our scissor lift tables can be pit installed or floor mounted, sited indoors or outdoors. Whether your requirement is within the warehouse, loading bay, production line, packing area – whatever your application and industry, there is a scissor lift table to solve your materials handling problem.

Loading Bay Lift Platforms

Enhance a loading bay with a Loading Bay Lift Table. Improved safety, faster vehicle turn-a-round and increased productivity are just some of the advantages of a Loading Bay Lift Table.

Your loading bay solution can include Single deck platforms, dock facelifts, In-dock lifts, Open Yard lifts and Double Deck Lifts.

Loading Bay Lifts provide massive advantages over other forms of loading bay docks. No hazardous ramps to negotiate, no licensed driver or expensive forklift, and a loading bay lift provides versatility that no fixed height dock could ever give.


Scissor Lifts


Floor to Floor Lifts

From the large range of scissor-lifts supplied, a large range can be installed for use as Floor-to-Floor Goods lifts. Clark Handling offers various Goods Lift packages to suit all requirements. Accessories fitted to these popular lifts include gates to eliminate sway, hinged bridge plates, load ramps, buffers, beacons, and alarms.

Installation is fully guaranteed and completed by highly qualified engineers.

Ergonomic Lifts

According to the latest HSE figures, over 4 million working days are lost each year as a direct result of back pain caused by work-related injuries.The installation of a lift table greatly improves manual handling in virtually all applications and therefore reduces absenteeism and increases productivity.

Loads can be presented at a height that eliminates bad posture, no more bending, stretching, twisting or awkward lifting.

DDA / Mobility Lift Platforms

Clark Handling can offer a range of DDA (EN/BS6440 and EN1570) compliant lifts that can also carry goods. Available in a choice of sizes, heights, finishes, and custom designs to suit your specific application and architectural requirements.

Steps, stairways, and split levels need no longer be a problem for both people with restricted mobility as well as goods such as pallets and roll cages, one lift platform can now handle both with ease.   

Mezzanine Floor Goods Lifts

We specialise in goods lifts for mezzanine floors. Mezzanine floor lifts allow users to move goods safely and efficiently between floors and suit a variety of requirements and applications.

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